Authenticated REST API with Azure Functions

If you need to authenticate with Azure AD when using a serverless or a message broker that is acting as the API Gateway the fastest approach is to use Azure's…

Install Apache Kafka using Docker

One of my favourite messages/events streaming technology is Apache Kafka. Here is a very quick method to install Kafka in Linux using Docker.

Fetch API snippet in a node.js Express app

A JavaScript code snippet showing a simple Fetch APi example.

Create a new Node.js Project

Here is a quick tip for quickly installing Node for mocking purposes.

Schedule Azure Resource Deletion using Azure DevOps

Delete unwanted experimental or PoC work easily by using Azure DevOps build pipelines set on a scheduled trigger.

Create a node.js web server

Simple snippet showing how web pages can be served using node.js.

High-availability with on-premise data gateway and Azure Logic Apps

I previously mentioned that it's possible to retrieve on-premise Dynamics 365 CE data using Logic Apps and the Web API endpoint. I demonstrated this using a single On-premise Data Gateway.…

Priority Queue Pattern with Azure and Dynamics 365

This pattern explores the idea of prioritising message requests so that messages with a higher priority are processed differently to messages with a lower priority.

Capture field changes in a plugin

The following code captures record updates in a Dynamics 365 CE plugin, and stores this in the description field.

Content-Based Router (CBR) for bi-directional data synchronisation using Logic Apps

Message Router is an integration patterns that solves the challenge of routing a message to a particular endpoint. This pattern can be used to solve the bi-directional data synchronisation of…