EIP Event-driven Message Types

In Enterprise Integrations there are many types of messages that a Sender will send to a Receiver. These can broadly be categorised as Command, Event and Query messages. In most…

HTTP Response Codes

The table below illustrates the various HTTP Response Codes. These codes are useful when designing a Request & Response architecture.

Message Delivery Guarantee Models

This post summarises the various Delivery Guarantees available in Azure Service Bus.

Azure Service Bus Message Settlement

When sending a message to Azure Service Bus there are various ways to settle a message. This post discusses these methods.

Message Schema

This page provides details to implement the Azure Service Bus Message Schema. The properties have been extracted from the official Microsoft Azure Source.

REST & Open API Specification with Azure Function App

This page summarises key concepts that should be considered when designing REST APIs. The concepts are derived from the Mozilla HTTP including various other resources.

Enterprise Integration Queue-Based Load Leveling Pattern

In a Point-to-point integration, a Sender may overwhelm the Receiver by sending large volumes of messages that the Receiver cannot process. One option here is to use the Competing Consumer…

Active Directory Authorisation Tokens in C#

Here is a quick tip for anyone trying to get an OAuth2 JWT token from an Azure AD 2.0 endpoint.

Client-Server Architecture using Azure AD B2C and Containers

This post demonstrated a simplified Client-Server Architecture using Azure B2C and Containers. The frontend application consists of a single page demonstrating three stages: Front-end request for a JWT from the…

Swagger UI not loading in Azure Containers

After deploying a new Web API project from within Visual Studio you may notice that you cannot launch the Swagger UI after a deployment to Azure Container.