Azure Computer Vision Image Recognition using C# .NET

The code below uses Azure Cognitive Services Vision to classify images accordingly. The images are classified with a confidence score.

Upload to Azure Blob Storage using a Web Browser

Summary This post demonstrates how to create a web application that uploads files to Azure Blob Storage. The web application is a plain node.js application which can be uploaded to…

Enterprise Integration Message Channel Outbox Design Pattern

The outbox pattern is a good application design pattern to use when a Sender has trouble sending messages to an Event or Message Broker. Messages can be persisted to an…

Application Architecture Styles Reference Models

Here is a summary of the different types of application architecture styles.

Event-Driven Enterprise Integration Pattern using Azure Functions and Stripe Payment Gateway

In this post, I’ll demonstrate how to build an event-driven integration using Microsoft Azure Functions and Stripe. This integration demonstrates the event-driven architecture design pattern; an event (state change) occurs…

Recipient List Enterprise Integration Design Pattern using Azure Service Bus

The Recipient List Enterprise Integration Pattern is a very good architecture when there are multiple Receivers that may act on a message. The Recipient List EIP doesn’t concern itself with…

Manage Azure Functions API Security

There are several methods you can use to secure an Azure Functions. This page particularly documents the security standards required by UK Government standards when deploying serverless code (Azure Functions…

Azure Container Services

There are several container technologies that Microsoft Azure provides. Some of these I have tried to summarise below.

Well-defined Integration Architecture

This page details a list of accepted Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP). All integration design patterns exhibit some common characteristics.

Enterprise Integration Design Patterns Catalogue

The section below documents some common Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP) that can be used across different vendor platforms. The EIPs are considered industry best practices, they have been peer-reviewed by…