Azure Solutions Architect Test

Test how much you know about Microsoft Azure.

In 2019, Microsoft Azure unified the alerting subsystem. Which two alerting subsystems have been converged?


Every new Azure AD tenant comes with an initial domain name, You can’t change or delete the initial domain name, but you can add your organization’s names to the list.

Adding custom domain names helps you to create user names that are familiar to your users, such as Your company now wants you to apply some branding to the sign-in page.

Which edition of Azure Active Directory do you need?

(select all that apply)



You are trying to delete an Azure Tenant that you used for internal testing. You find that an error message when you try to delete:

Directory has one or more Azure Subscriptions

What should you do?



When setting up a custom domain in Azure, which type of DNS records can be used?

(select all that apply)



You want to add a subdomain called in Azure Active Directory. What should you do first?


In Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), each tenant is a fully independent resource: a peer that is logically independent from the other tenants that you manage. There is no parent-child relationship between tenants. This independence between tenants includes resource independence, administrative independence, and synchronization independence.

A colleague asks you if the following is true:

  • If you create or delete a resource in one tenant, it has no impact on any resource in another tenant, with the partial exception of external users.
  • If you use one of your domain names with one tenant, it cannot be used with any other tenant.

If a non-administrative user of tenant ‘Contoso‘ creates a test tenant ‘Test‘, then which of the following is true?


Microsoft Azure offers three services for delivering messages throughout a solution. What are these three services?


In Azure Active Directory you clicked the Delete domain button and see In Progress status for the Delete operation. The progress does not complete. What should you check?



Your client has asked you to enable self-service password reset so that employees can reset their forgotten passwords. You need to advise your client on the authentication methods available for the password reset. Which authentication methods are available?

(select all that apply)