Parameterise Dataverse tables using Azure Data Factory

Azure Data Factory has a great set of tools to manage data pipelines. One of those tools is the ability to create arrays and use the array properties as parameters.…

Dynamics 365 & Lambda Snippets

Here is a quick list of most used Lambda functions in Dynamics 365 CE.

Router-view does not refresh on Router-link

When using the router-view with a router-link, the Browser URL will reload but the page will not refresh with the updated contents.

Heroku Application Error when running CI build & Release Pipelines

If you are trying to deploy an app to Heroku and your deployment fails - use the following steps to diagnose and solve the issue.

Create a MongoDB Docker Container

Just a quick tip on creating a MongoDB container from the terminal.

Best Practice when naming Azure Resources

When creating Azure resources, it's very easy to get lost in the volume of resources that often get created as part of a simple deployment like a new Virtual Machine.…

Implementing the Anti-Corruption Layer pattern in Data-Intensive Applications (w)

Summary Most applications rely on other systems for some data or functionality. For example, when a legacy application is migrated to a modern system, it may still need existing legacy…

Create a table from an API JSON response

Here is a code snippet that will turn a JSON response into a table.

Sequential Convoy Integration Pattern (w)

Summary Sequential Convoy is an integration pattern that is heavily used with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE. Front-end applications that need to push data into Dynamics often need the data to…

Authenticated REST API with Azure Functions

If you need to authenticate with Azure AD when using a serverless or a message broker that is acting as the API Gateway the fastest approach is to use Azure's…