Integration testing with Data Factory, Data Lake, Dynamics 365 Finance & Operation

Just for fun, I decided to play around with Azure Data Factory (ADF), Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operation VM. I wanted to see…

Dynamics Plug-in profiler does not show any logs

Summary Recently I started trying to debug a plug-in using the Plug-in Registration Tool and the 'Persist to Entity' feature. This feature allows debugging to occur without having to go…

Designing a Modern Data Warehouse – Available Options

I recently spent some time with Microsoft to look at the various options for building our big data pipelines. Here are the final options that exist for anyone considering doing…

Create a custom RBAC in Azure

This post demonstrates how to create a custom role. The best practice for creating custom roles is to base it on an existing role.

Azure SQL Server security first steps

This post is a summary of the Microsoft Azure Tutorial: Secure a single or pooled database.

Access review of groups or applications

This is a very simple feature that provides great rewards. Managing large groups of Users in AAD can be cumbersome, especially in organisations where staff are always being hired or…

Azure Lab Services

Microsoft just announced the release of Azure Lab Services. It allows you to quickly deploy Virtual Machine (VM) templates based on very simple configurations. This is great for anyone that…

LINQ examples for Dynamics 365

Below are some sample linq code snippets to help with querying Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Get the business unit name of the logged-in user

This code snippet illustrates how to get the business unit details of the logged-in user. This is great for certain use cases that require form conditions based on who has…

Create, update, delete records in Microsoft Dynamics CE

C# code snippets to help with creating, retrieving, updating and deleting Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE records.