Well-defined Integration Architecture

This page details a list of accepted Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP). All integration design patterns exhibit some common characteristics.

Enterprise Integration Design Patterns Catalogue

The section below documents some common Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP) that can be used across different vendor platforms. The EIPs are considered industry best practices, they have been peer-reviewed by…

Using Dependency Injection in Azure Functions

In Azure Functions 1.0, it was never possible to use Dependency Injection (DI). DI is a technique to achieve Inversion of Control (IoC) between classess and their methods. In Azure…

SPA Frontend & Backend Architecture

You cannot hide an API Key or an API URL when you have a frontend constructed in pure HTML/JavaScript like most SPAs. SPA inherently loads in the browser, for this…

Azure Load Balancer, Application Gateway, Traffic Manager & Front door differences

This post is a quick summary comparing the three resources; Azure Load Balancer, Application Gateway and Traffic manager.

What are Fault Domains and Update Domains in Azure Availability Sets?

When you first create a Virtual Machine in Azure, you are provided with a choice to select an Availability Option.

Information Technology Legislation

One of the most crucial and often overlooked principles of systems architecture is understanding legislation and maintaining compliance. In this post, I've documented UK legislation and it links tot he…

EIP Retry Patterns

Integration failures are common, various Retry patterns can be used in addition to the technology itself providing a retry mechanism. This page documents some of these Retry patterns.

EIP Azure Service Bus Channel Purger

There isn't an official way or method to empty an Azure Service Bus Queue using the Nuget assemblies. The following approach loops through the message list and empties the contents…

Enterprise Application Design Patterns Catalogue

Summary This page documents a list of Application Architectures. The page is a work-in-progress but should serve as a reference for design techniques that exist to solve problems. This page…