Vue.js Reference

Here is a reference sheet for anyone working with Vue.js. There are sample snippets of code to help quickly get started writing Vue.js code.

Getting Access Tokens for Dynamics 365 CE

Below I've listed the various grant types that can be used to access Dynamics 365 Web API.

Update a Plugin assembly without using the Plugin Registration Tool

Here is a quick way to update an assembly in Dynamics 365 CE without using the Plugin registration tool.

C# LINQ Reference Sheet (wp)

A quick cheat-sheet to help write LINQ code.

Connect to Azure DevOps using PAT in C#

Here is a code snippet demonstrating how to connect to Azure DevOps using C#.

User Authentication with ASP.NET Web API

I was struggling to understand how to secure my Web API endpoint using some form of authentication mechanism. During my search, I came across a video on YouTube created by…

Visual Studio error: v16/Server/sqlite3/db.lock

Occasionally, when you want to commit code to a remote repository after creating a new Visual Studio project you might face the error:

SQL – Inner Join on Contacts and OptionSetMetadata tables

Using the Data Export Service, you can also query metadata to join customer data into a single flat table. For those trying to get OptionSetMetadata labels instead of code, here…

Dynamics 365 CE – Set State using a plugin

Below is a code sample that demonstrates how to set the state of a record in Dynamics 365. The plugin Step must be registered on both the SetState & SetStateDynamicEntity…

Azure SQL Server security first steps

This post is a summary of the Microsoft Azure Tutorial: Secure a single or pooled database.