Convert a late bound type to an early bound type

Often you'll find a lot of sample code online written in late bound syntax. You can convert between the two by simply using the ToEntity() method.

Consume a WCF from inside a Dynamics 365 plugin

A code snippet demonstrating how to consume a WCF web service from inside a Dynamics 365 plugin.

Set nullable types in Dynamics 365 & C#

A little code snippet demonstrating how to set nullable types in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE.

Get the business unit name of the logged-in user

This code snippet illustrates how to get the business unit details of the logged-in user. This is great for certain use cases that require form conditions based on who has…

Create, update, delete records in Microsoft Dynamics CE

C# code snippets to help with creating, retrieving, updating and deleting Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE records.

Distributed reporting capabilities for Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

Summary A recent business scenario popped up where I needed to make some Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations SQL tables available to global teams for ad-hoc reporting. These teams were…

Dynamics 365 & WordPress Integration

This week we take a dive into proof of concept (POC) integration between Azure, WordPress and Dynamics 365. More specifically, integration between MySQL, Azure Service Bus and Dynamics 365.