Understanding CIDR to create better Azure Subnets

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Here are the instructions for creating a quick WordPress app and pushing the app to Azure Web App for Containers.

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Azure VNet peering is a quick way to connect two Vnets together. In this post I'll demonstrate how this can be achieved.

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Azure Private DNS Zone

If you create Virtual Machines that are registered on a specific VNET, and if you allow auto-registration of the VNET in Azure Private DNS Zone, does both the Private and…

Azure Load Balancer, Application Gateway, Traffic Manager & Front door differences

This post is a quick summary comparing the three resources; Azure Load Balancer, Application Gateway and Traffic manager.

Azure Application Proxy with ASP.net Core 3.0

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IP Flow Verify in Azure

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What are Fault Domains and Update Domains in Azure Availability Sets?

When you first create a Virtual Machine in Azure, you are provided with a choice to select an Availability Option.