One client credential type required either

Summary I got this error recently when I forgot to add a Client Secret to my appsettings.json file. One client credential type required either: ClientSecret, Certificate, ClientAssertion or AppTokenProvider must…

Connect to the Microsoft Dataverse via Databricks & Web API

It’s not possible to connect to the Microsoft Dataverse directly in Databricks. Some options include ingesting the Dataverse tables into Azure Data Lake and then retrieving them from inside a…

Restrict Access to VM Applications by IP

For those that are unaware, a low-cost solution to hosting applications in Azure is to host them in Linux Ubuntu. I’ve been asked how to secure the apps at different…

Avro, Parquet, JSON, ORC Compression using ADF

The source file is a 126.48 MB CSV file which contains Postcodes and Local Authority data. In this post, I’ll be testing the file size of a transformation output to…

HTTP Response Codes

The table below illustrates the various HTTP Response Codes. These codes are useful when designing a Request & Response architecture.

Active Directory Authorisation Tokens in C#

Here is a quick tip for anyone trying to get an OAuth2 JWT token from an Azure AD 2.0 endpoint.

Swagger UI not loading in Azure Containers

After deploying a new Web API project from within Visual Studio you may notice that you cannot launch the Swagger UI after a deployment to Azure Container.

Azure.RequestFailedException: The request body is too large and exceeds the maximum permissible limit.

You might come across an error which prevents you uploading a file greater than 4MB to Azure Storage.

Creating an Azure-Aware Plugin without Code

This post contains details on registering an Endpoint in the Microsoft Dataverse without creating a custom plugin. The details of the message include everything sent in event execution, including the…

Create a MongoDB Docker Container

Just a quick tip on creating a MongoDB container from the terminal.