Create a Dynamics 365 CE Trial Instance with your Azure Student Subscription


I signed-up to an Azure Student Account for an Azure Developers course that I was studying during the evenings. One thing that I noticed immediately was that I could not create a Microsoft Dynamics 365 subscription in my Student Subscription tenant.

After investigating and speaking to Microsoft’s Azure support team they explained what the issue was, but also gave me a solution.

When you sign-up for a Student Subscription, you are required to use your personal Hotmail/Live/Outlook account. This isn’t a Microsoft Account (the type that’s required for the trial subscription).

The solution was to login to Azure Active Directory. Locate my User account, then then locate the email address that ends with

*My email obfuscated in this picture

As you don’t have the password for this email address, you need to attempt to login, and when presented with the option to reset the password, do so. This will take you through the verification process and allow you to change the password.

The result is Microsoft account that you can logon and create a Dynamics 365 trial to the same Azure instance.

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