Creating an Azure-Aware Plugin without Code


This post contains details on registering an Endpoint in the Microsoft Dataverse without creating a custom plugin.

The details of the message include everything sent in event execution, including the execution context.

Endpoint Registration

The steps to create an Azure Aware plugin are very simple.

  • Create an Azure Service Bus Queue or Topic.
  • Generate a SAS Key & Store both the Primary Key and the Connection Details.
  • Using the Plugin Registration Tool, create a new Endpoint.

Create a new Endpoint Registration.

Under Message Format; the choices of .NET, XML, and JSON can be selected.

  • Right-click the registered Endpoint and add a new STEP.
  • Update the Step accordingly:
  • Ensure that the Event Handler is set to the Endpoint registered earlier.
  • Ensure that the Asynchronous and PostOperation Stage has been selected.
  • Save & Test.

Creating a new Contact record should send an event to the Service Bus Queue containing the full details of the Contact Event.

Send Messages to a Topic

Sending messages to a Topic is similar to sending messages into a Queue.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Sessions are not supported.
  • Create a Subscription with no filtering to capture all messages.

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