Dynamics Plug-in profiler does not show any logs


Recently I started trying to debug a plug-in using the Plug-in Registration Tool and the ‘Persist to Entity’ feature. This feature allows debugging to occur without having to go through the cumbersome effort of downloading the log file, uploading and attaching to the profiler.

When I started profiling and then forced a platform exception, I noticed that profile logs were not generated.

After several attempts to try and work out what had gone wrong, I noticed that my Plugin Step was registered on the Pre-Operation and Synchronous mode. It turns out that the plugin profiler will only track and record changes against the Post-Operation and Asynchronous mode only.

Doing so, made it possible to debug my plug-in. This isn’t ideal, but at least it should help anyone having the same issue.

After the profile was displayed it was possible to debug as normal.

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