IP Flow Verify in Azure

One of the fastest ways to check if a Virtual Machine allows packets to be sent or received on specific ports is to use IP Flow Verify. Typically when you…

What are Fault Domains and Update Domains in Azure Availability Sets?

When you first create a Virtual Machine in Azure, you are provided with a choice to select an Availability Option.

EIP Azure Service Bus Channel Purger

There isn't an official way or method to empty an Azure Service Bus Queue using the Nuget assemblies. The following approach loops through the message list and empties the contents…

Azure Active Directory Service Summary

There are various Azure Active Directory services available in Azure. The following is a quick summary of the services available.

Schedule Azure Resource Deletion using Azure DevOps

Delete unwanted experimental or PoC work easily by using Azure DevOps build pipelines set on a scheduled trigger.

Dynamics 365 Online – API Access Token with OAuth 2.0

In this post, I'm going to demonstrate how to generate Access Tokens using OAuth 2.0, Implicit Grant for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE.

Transfer an Azure Subscription between tenants

Here's a quick tip for those that have subscriptions between tenants, that want to manage or transfer a Subscription between Azure tenants.

Create a custom RBAC in Azure

This post demonstrates how to create a custom role. The best practice for creating custom roles is to base it on an existing role.

Create a Microsoft Cloud account and link with Azure Active Directory

Microsoft recommends that you create at least two Microsoft cloud accounts (onmicrosoft.com) and make them Global Administrators (GA). One should have Conditional Access and the other MFA enabled.

Azure SQL Server security first steps

This post is a summary of the Microsoft Azure Tutorial: Secure a single or pooled database.