Azure Service Bus Message Settlement

When sending a message to Azure Service Bus there are various ways to settle a message. This post discusses these methods.

Enterprise Integration Queue-Based Load Leveling Pattern

In a Point-to-point integration, a Sender may overwhelm the Receiver by sending large volumes of messages that the Receiver cannot process. One option here is to use the Competing Consumer…

EIP Azure Service Bus Channel Purger

There isn't an official way or method to empty an Azure Service Bus Queue using the Nuget assemblies. The following approach loops through the message list and empties the contents…

Creating an Azure-Aware Plugin without Code

This post contains details on registering an Endpoint in the Microsoft Dataverse without creating a custom plugin. The details of the message include everything sent in event execution, including the…

Dynamics 365 & WordPress Integration

This week we take a dive into proof of concept (POC) integration between Azure, WordPress and Dynamics 365. More specifically, integration between MySQL, Azure Service Bus and Dynamics 365.