Create a Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations User


This post demonstrates how to create a new User in Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations (FO).

The process involves three steps:

  1. Setup a User in Azure Active Directory
  2. Setup a Worker
  3. Setup a User

Setup a User in Azure Active Directory

Create a new User in Azure Active Directory.

It’s also good practice to assign the User to a Group. In this example, I am assigning the User to the Dynamics 365 FO Group.

The Group Type selection is very important here. The Microsoft documentation defines the Group Type as:

  • Security. Used to manage member and computer access to shared resources for a group of users. For example, you can create a security group for a specific security policy. By doing it this way, you can give a set of permissions to all the members at once, instead of having to add permissions to each member individually. For more info about managing access to resources, see Manage access to resources with Azure Active Directory groups.
  • Office 365. Provides collaboration opportunities by giving members access to a shared mailbox, calendar, files, SharePoint site, and more. This option also lets you give people outside of your organization access to the group. For more info about Office 365 Groups, see Learn about Office 365 Groups.

Setting up the User in Azure AD is now complete. This represents a very basic User setup. You may need to undergo additional steps to setup a User in your organisation, however for the purpose of creating a User in Dynamics 365 FO, this step is now complete. The next step is to setup a worker.

Setup a Worker

Setting up a Worker in Dynamics 365 FO can be achieved in many ways. The most simple method is to go to Human Resources > Workers

Add the new Workers details. Note that the Position will not synchronise with Azure Active Directory Job Title. This will have to be manually set.

Confirm that the Worker has been created.

Setup a Dynamics 365 User

To Setup a new User to to Systems Administration > User

Once there, create a new User. Creating a new User requires three items:

  1. The email of the Worker. This will be used to login through the OAuth2 Portal.
  2. The name of the person.
  3. The security role.

If you have these details then complete as required.

Once the necessary details have been complete, the User can now login and use the self-service Dynamics 365 Portal.

This is all that’s required to setup a User in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.

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