Connect to the Microsoft Dataverse via Databricks & Web API

It’s not possible to connect to the Microsoft Dataverse directly in Databricks. Some options include ingesting the Dataverse tables into Azure Data Lake and then retrieving them from inside a…

Create a quick template engine for Power Platform

Here is a quick method for creating a templating engine for Microsoft Power Platform. Let’s say you have the following text that you want to turn into a letter:

Write a Dynamics 365 CE Plug-in

This is a quick post demonstrating how to write a plugin in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.

Handling Special Characters in a FetchXML query

Summary I was processing large quantities of FetchXML queries using Apache Kafka and ran into an issue where Kafka threw an Invalid XML error. The way to solve this issue…

Creating an Azure-Aware Plugin without Code

This post contains details on registering an Endpoint in the Microsoft Dataverse without creating a custom plugin. The details of the message include everything sent in event execution, including the…

Capture field changes in a Dynamics 365 CE plugin

The following code captures record updates in a Dynamics 365 CE plugin, and stores this in the description field.

The breakpoint will not currently be hit. No symbols have been loaded for this document

I recently came across this error when trying to debug a plugin. 'The breakpoint will not currently be hit. No symbols have been loaded for this document'. During my investigation…

Getting Access Tokens for Dynamics 365 CE

Below I've listed the various grant types that can be used to access Dynamics 365 Web API.

Dynamics 365 SSRS Reporting Extensions will not install

One of the problems that I have faced countless times when installing Dynamics in a VM for development purposes is the hassle of installing Dynamics Reporting Extensions. The installation will…

Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations – Understanding Elements, Models & Packages

Here is a quick explanation of Models and how they work in Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations.