Dynamics 365 SSRS Reporting Extensions will not install


One of the problems that I have faced countless times when installing Dynamics in a VM for development purposes is the hassle of installing Dynamics Reporting Extensions. The installation will fail for various reasons. On SQL Server Reporting Services 2017, there seems to be an incompatibility issue.

During installation, the SSRS Instance may be blank:

Dynamics 365 Reporting Extensions and SQL Server 2017 ...

You may also receive an error like this when creating a new organisation.

If you just want the environment, and you don’t need the Reporting Extensions then you can bypass the warning by making an edit to the registry:

Create a new DWORD key called IgnoreChecks with a value of “1”  in the following location:


This will allow you to bypass the security checks and install Dynamics.

This process has been documented countless times and works as expected.

SQL Server install error

Another common issue when installing Microsoft Dynamics on-premise is a Named Pipes Provider, error: 40.

The error might look something like:

Named Pipes Provider, error: 40 – Could not open a connection to SQL Server

To correct this error, go to SQL Server Configuration Manager and enable ‘Named Pipes‘.

Restart the MSSQLServer service. This should fix the error.

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