Hub & Spoke Reference Architecture

This is a simple reference architecture for an Azure Hub and Spoke infrastructure.

Azure Data Factory Partition Performance

There are various optimisation techniques available during the Dataflow Sink stage, in this post, I'm going to present some performance test results using various partition models. In this post, I…

Avro, Parquet, JSON, ORC Compression using ADF

The source file is a 126.48 MB CSV file which contains Postcodes and Local Authority data. In this post, I’ll be testing the file size of a transformation output to…

Message Delivery Guarantee Models

This post summarises the various Delivery Guarantees available in Azure Service Bus.

Azure Service Bus Message Settlement

When sending a message to Azure Service Bus there are various ways to settle a message. This post discusses these methods.

REST & Open API Specification with Azure Function App

This page summarises key concepts that should be considered when designing REST APIs. The concepts are derived from the Mozilla HTTP including various other resources.

Application Architecture Styles Reference Models

Here is a summary of the different types of application architecture styles.

Azure Container Services

There are several container technologies that Microsoft Azure provides. Some of these I have tried to summarise below.

Azure Load Balancer, Application Gateway, Traffic Manager & Front door differences

This post is a quick summary comparing the three resources; Azure Load Balancer, Application Gateway and Traffic manager.

Information Technology Legislation

One of the most crucial and often overlooked principles of systems architecture is understanding legislation and maintaining compliance. In this post, I've documented UK legislation and it links tot he…