Asynchronous Request-Reply pattern using Azure Logic Apps (w)

Summary Most applications rely on other systems for some data or functionality. For example, when a legacy application is migrated to a modern system, it may still need existing legacy…

Sequential Convoy Integration Pattern (w)

Summary Sequential Convoy is an integration pattern that is heavily used with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE. Front-end applications that need to push data into Dynamics often need the data to…

Priority Queue Pattern with Azure and Dynamics 365

This pattern explores the idea of prioritising message requests so that messages with a higher priority are processed differently to messages with a lower priority.

Content-Based Router (CBR) for bi-directional data synchronisation using Logic Apps

Message Router is an integration patterns that solves the challenge of routing a message to a particular endpoint. This pattern can be used to solve the bi-directional data synchronisation of…

Integration testing with Data Factory, Data Lake, Dynamics 365 Finance & Operation

Just for fun, I decided to play around with Azure Data Factory (ADF), Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operation VM. I wanted to see…

Logic Apps with On-Premise Dynamics 365

In this post I'll explain how to connect to a Microsoft Dynamics 365 on-premise environment with Azure Logic Apps.

Dynamics 365 & WordPress Integration

This week we take a dive into proof of concept (POC) integration between Azure, WordPress and Dynamics 365. More specifically, integration between MySQL, Azure Service Bus and Dynamics 365.