Transfer an Azure Subscription between tenants

Here’s a quick tip for those that have subscriptions between tenants, that want to manage or transfer a Subscription between Azure tenants.

  1. Add a Guest User
  2. Activate the Azure Subscription
  3. Verify the activation
  4. Add the User to the Subscription

Add the Guest user

Create a new Guest User. Ensure that you enter the correct email address.

Once submitted, the Guest User will receive and email and will be required to activate their subscription.

Activate the Azure Subscription

The Guest User, will receive and email, at this point the User will be required to activate the subscription.

Verify the activation

Once the link has been clicked by the User, their activation can be verified in the Users Blade.

Add the user to the Subscription

At this point, you can add the User to the Subscription.

You will have to add the user to both the Add role assignment and the Add co-administrator.

The provisioning of the transfer may take some time. In the example above, I had to wait 20 minutes for the subscription to show up in my tenant.

That’s all that’s required to transfer a subscription between tenants.

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