Content-Based Router (CBR) for bi-directional data synchronisation using Logic Apps

Message Router is an integration patterns that solves the challenge of routing a message to a particular endpoint. This pattern can be used to solve the bi-directional data synchronisation of…

SQL Insert or Update does not trigger Logic Apps

Logic Apps will not trigger for SQL record or updates if the table does not contain ROWVERSION and IDENTITY

Read & Write to Azure Blob Storage from Databricks

In this post I'll demonstrate how to Read & Write to Azure Blob Storage from within Databricks. Databricks can be either the Azure Databricks or the Community edition.

Azure Storage – select the best storage type for the job

In this post, I want to share some basic insights before selecting an Azure storage type. Before you provision Azure storage you're presented with several options. The most important configurations…

Data transformations with Azure Data Factory and Databricks

I find it easy to transform data ready for ingestion in Databricks than I do in Azure Data Factory (ADF) using the various transformation tools available.

Find duplicate records with Azure Data Factory (same source file)

In this post I wanted to demonstrate how ADF can be used to filter out duplicate rows from a CSV file.

The breakpoint will not currently be hit. No symbols have been loaded for this document

I recently came across this error when trying to debug a plugin. 'The breakpoint will not currently be hit. No symbols have been loaded for this document'. During my investigation…

Vue.js Reference

Here is a reference sheet for anyone working with Vue.js. There are sample snippets of code to help quickly get started writing Vue.js code.

Getting Access Tokens for Dynamics 365 CE

Below I've listed the various grant types that can be used to access Dynamics 365 Web API.

API Gateways with Ocelot

Azure API Gateways can be expensive. An alternative is to build your own API Gateway with Ocelot. Ocelot is an Open Source API Gateway based on .NET Core.