Write a Dynamics 365 CE Plug-in

This is a quick post demonstrating how to write a plugin in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.

Capture field changes in a plugin

The following code captures record updates in a Dynamics 365 CE plugin, and stores this in the description field.

Dynamics 365 CE – Set State using a plugin

Below is a code sample that demonstrates how to set the state of a record in Dynamics 365. The plugin Step must be registered on both the SetState & SetStateDynamicEntity…

LINQ examples for Dynamics 365

Below are some sample linq code snippets to help with querying Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Consume a WCF from inside a Dynamics 365 plugin

A code snippet demonstrating how to consume a WCF web service from inside a Dynamics 365 plugin.

Create, update, delete records in Microsoft Dynamics CE

C# code snippets to help with creating, retrieving, updating and deleting Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE records.