Handling Special Characters in a FetchXML query

Summary I was processing large quantities of FetchXML queries using Apache Kafka and ran into an issue where Kafka threw an Invalid XML error. The way to solve this issue…

EIP Azure Service Bus Channel Purger

There isn't an official way or method to empty an Azure Service Bus Queue using the Nuget assemblies. The following approach loops through the message list and empties the contents…

Soundex for faster search

Soundex is a phonetic algorithm that is used to index and search for words based on their pronunciation rather than their spelling. The algorithm assigns a code to each word…

Create a table from an API JSON response

Here is a code snippet that will turn a JSON response into a table.

Install Apache Kafka using Docker

One of my favourite messages/events streaming technology is Apache Kafka. Here is a very quick method to install Kafka in Linux using Docker.

Fetch API snippet in a node.js Express app

A JavaScript code snippet showing a simple Fetch APi example.

Create a Node.js REST API project

Simple snippet showing how web pages can be served using node.js.

Capture field changes in a Dynamics 365 CE plugin

The following code captures record updates in a Dynamics 365 CE plugin, and stores this in the description field.

C# Action/Func Delegates in Serverless Compute

To reduce that cyclomatic complexity often produced by condition statements like IF/ELSE of Switch, it’s often easier to store functions in a Dictionary and invoke them when required. There are…

The breakpoint will not currently be hit. No symbols have been loaded for this document

I recently came across this error when trying to debug a plugin. 'The breakpoint will not currently be hit. No symbols have been loaded for this document'. During my investigation…