Azure Lab Services

Microsoft just announced the release of Azure Lab Services. It allows you to quickly deploy Virtual Machine (VM) templates based on very simple configurations. This is great for anyone that…

LINQ examples for Dynamics 365

Below are some sample linq code snippets to help with querying Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Connecting to Dynamics 365 using C#

There are multiple methods for connecting to Microsoft Dynamics from a command line application. Here is a lit of a few methods.

Convert a late bound type to an early bound type

Often you'll find a lot of sample code online written in late bound syntax. You can convert between the two by simply using the ToEntity() method.

Consume a WCF from inside a Dynamics 365 plugin

A code snippet demonstrating how to consume a WCF web service from inside a Dynamics 365 plugin.

Set nullable types in Dynamics 365 & C#

A little code snippet demonstrating how to set nullable types in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE.

Get the business unit name of the logged-in user

This code snippet illustrates how to get the business unit details of the logged-in user. This is great for certain use cases that require form conditions based on who has…

Create, update, delete records in Microsoft Dynamics CE

C# code snippets to help with creating, retrieving, updating and deleting Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE records.

Granular file access differences between Git & TFVC

When creating a new Azure DevOps project you will have to make a choice on the source control system you want to use on your project. The two main choices…

The instance name must be the same as computer name

If you're like me and you clone your Dynamics 365 virtual machines regularly to create other test instances, you might be hit with the error: ‘The instance name must be…